For Brands. For Skin Specialists.

An ingenious delivery platform that offers other brands or specialists the freedom to create their own unique cartridges to work with our AngelTouch device and enhance the effectiveness of their formulas.

Angeformula Cream

The Holy Grail
of Skin Care

In 2011, while intrigued by continuous growth and demand of better skin care products, La Pierres decided to create the ultimate beauty enhancement device. Something that was affordable yet able to mimic spa-like treatment at home. This device also has the ability to enhance the effectiveness of creams and serums of other brands via its platform.

Multi-Modulation-Technology (MMT)

Invented by La Pierres, MMT is a technology that combines 2.5MHz and 5MHz ultrasonic pulses and directs safe energy to help rejuvenate skin cells. If you are ready to fight the signs of aging by using one of the most well-crafted and respected skin care tools, then the AngelTouch is for you!