Global Launch

La Pierres Inc. is a company from Silicon Valley, USA. We design and commercialize a best-in-class skin care beauty enhancement device based on proprietary breakthrough multi-modulation-technologies (MMT) in ultrasound and delivery systems called AngelTouch. Our products are revolutionizing the world of skin care, offering powerful results, superior design quality and ease of use.

In 2014, La Pierres selected well-known actress Nia Peeples and the only 5 time heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield as the Global Spokespersons for both beauty and sport applications with each of them developing their own skin care line solely for use with AngelTouch.

In 2016, we will launch our products internationally through spas and hospitals as well as online and then roll into a worldwide launch through a specialist dealer network. We are based in the USA where the device was designed by a group of engineers, and our Angel Formulas created by world-class biochemists specializing in skin treatment and rejuvenation. Many other brand formulas have been approved for use with AngelTouch. and will be rolled out starting in 2016 with the exciting launch of our Celebrity cartridges.

As part the fast development of the brand, we created an affiliate company La Pierres International Company, Ltd. to run the Global Sales operations based in Hong Kong.

If you have any interest in becoming a reseller or becoming a distributor in your region, please contact us for more information. Join us and discover: